School Year 2015 -2016










We will be using this blog to support the work we do in lessons!! We will include some YouTube videos of the skills we are working on, please  watch these they will support your learning. We will also use Google Classroom for any written assignments.

The first day handouts are also included please keep as a reference. Make sure you check the blog out every week.  1st Day Letter for Grade 7 & 8 PE

We will be using Fittnessgram again this year please check the tab at the top for more information. In a nutshell this program will be a variety of fitness tests that generate a report for both students and their parents to inform you of where you are with regards to your fitness levels comparing students of the same age around the world. Please use this information to get yourself fitter and healthy for Life!   


Please get involved with after school activities it is a great way to enhance your learning and meet new friends. We have the ATAC program for competitive sports and the AFAC for non competitive sports and activities

Please check out the blogs for further information: